Scrabble Beginners Guide?

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A lot of people are hooked to the game of Scrabble with the satisfying enjoyment and a great practice for your brain. Expanding your vocabulary and word bank is one of the reasons why you should consider this game as your regular activity or pastime. Making it a career is another story but why not entertain that thought too? After all, there are countless word tips and Scrabble techniques to help you in your quest to Scrabble mastery.

Children and Scrabble

Start early and you’ll see how Scrabble can dramatically build your word skills and vocabulary. Parents could also make this a significant pastime for their children, which is a game that not just entertains them for ours. It also becomes a worthwhile practice that could boost their IQ and academics. Tools such as the Scrabble word finder could help your kids discover more words that they never thought existed.

Playing Scrabble on the Internet

The Internet era paves the way for Scrabble to become more accessible and downright easy. You have no more excuse not to play Scrabble because the game is actually available online. You can find Scrabble help and tutorials to play these virtual games. Scrabble is a game that could boost your social circle and lets you meet people from around the world.

Scrabble Contests and Tournaments

If you are deadset serious about playing scrabble, one of the best ways to do it is to join the Scrabble competitions. There are school-based tournaments while some are pro tournaments that will bring you to various parts of the country and the world. International Scrabble tournaments are now available.

Scrabble is a great way to spend a sober pastime or simply meet people in various corners of the globe - not just for obsessive types that know all the words that start with k. Whatever your reason may be, playing Scrabble and knowing the Scrabble cheat to win is just plain enjoyment!

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The first move of a Scrabble game is really important as it is the beginning of a path you have carefully planned and imagined. Your first move might even decide the fate of your game. This article talks about some of the word tips you need to remember to start efficiently.


One of the first things Scrabble players struggle with is whether to start defensively or all guns blazing. The only right suggestion is it all depends on the quality of your rack. It is a decision to be made between your rack leave vs. point on offer. Do not be defensive from the off and play with a clear head. Learning new word tips from Scrabble help websites might help you envisage words with least possible risk.


While making your first move at this game, you need to focus on one important thing, i.e. to not leave any floaters for your opponent. Going all out on your first central move might leave the opponent with a lot of openings depending on their rack quality. You must form words that leave a lesser playing field for your opponent and forces them to provide you with some floaters instead.


Your opponent might respond with a high scoring move if you leave space for a potential extension after your first move. A potential extension over a horizontal word might even lead them to the triple word score on the extreme right side of the board. All in all, if you have a five or six letter word that might reach the double letter bonus score, you should go for it without worrying about your opponent’s move. It will start you off in the right manner and leave you with a rack full of fresh, new letters.

Keep on adding more words to your locker with the help of Scrabble word finder and win without being called a Scrabble cheat.

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Scrabble guidelines

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If you desire to win against all of your acquaintances, whether on Facebook or with the real Scrabble board game, you have to be an expert. I would like to share a few of my knowledge, together with a few Scrabble cheats, word tips and strategies to all of you, so you can get the better of your enemies (okay…friends), and ultimately, possibly, defeat me too. Rearranging the letters

A few scrabble players can merely look at a rack and reorganize the tiles in their head (that is me), but some of us could do with a slight visual help. Assuming you don’t have right to use an online Scrabble word finder, the best way of finding a word is to reorganize the letters on your rack. Sooner or later, words will form and pop out at you. Like I said, I do it in my head, for the reason that I don't want the others to see me think. The blank tile

In addition to the J, X, Q, and Z, the plain tiles are the most sought out. Scrabble help websites constantly suggest that these wildcards are not exhausted on a straightforward CAT and MOUSE. They need to be considered as the springboard for your Bingo. Do not waste these! The only justification you have for using the blanks for Bingo-less words are for high scoring potential on the red TWS or when you have a Q and no U. Two-Letter Words

Lacking the knowledge of two-letter words, you will absolutely lose the game. Two-letter words can get you out of trouble, help you do away with excess vowels, and give you building blocks for your subsequent turn. An inexperienced player on one occasion called me a Scrabble cheat just for using these words! Don’t worry! These words are completely legal! If you are going to memorize anything, these are the words to gain knowledge of!

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